What is Shahab?

Shahab, as the first provider of artificial intelligence cloud network in the country, seeks to provide this new technology to a wide range of businesses, developers and artificial intelligence professionals to implement artificial intelligence ideas.

Why shahab

The development of artificial intelligence technologies requires new methods and hardware that can quickly process large amounts of textual, numerical, audio, and video data. Shahab, with its high computing power and various tools and facilities, has removed the barriers to entering the artificial intelligence markets.

Speed is important

GPUs have amazing processing speed.

Speed is an important competitive advantage in the field of artificial intelligence.

Time is of the essence

No more big hardware and traditional software.

Focus your energy and time on the vital parts.

Security is important

You are not going to worry about your information anymore.

From now on, your data is completely secure.

Profitability is important

You do not have to pay more than what you use.

Direct your capital to greater profitability.


main components

Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Cloud infrastructure with fast, accurate and powerful computing will help you grow your business.

Cloud Platform (PaaS)

It is an integrated, cloud-based environment that supports professionals in product development, testing, and implementation.

Cloud Services Marketplace (SaaS)

In this market, businesses, startups and programmers can offer services based on artificial intelligence.


Keep up with the growth of your business

If your business is growing, do not worry about the possibilities. Cloud infrastructure grows with you.

Reduce investment costs

No need to buy servers and hardware. You can start your own business at the lowest cost and in the fastest time.

High security and easy data retrieval

Do not worry about your information if you use cloud infrastructure. Your data is safe and it is always possible to recover it.

Available; Anywhere, anytime

This is not an exaggeration. You can access your infrastructure anytime, anywhere, just through the browser.